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Hello! I am Vyacheslav Khalanskyy, a professional psychologist and psychotherapist (see my CV: rus, ua, CV). I am working in the method called “existential analysis and logotherapy” as listed in the registry of UUP (Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists).

I love my profession because I believe in its crucial impact on life. I have dedicated a lot of my time in the past — and still dedicate it — to my training, which brings many benefits to me and my clients.

Therapy is the royal path to yourself that allows you to change your life for the better. Counseling, meanwhile, helps find solutions to tormenting problems.

My mission is to respond to the psychological needs of my clients, to contribute to the development of their happy life and healthy relationships with their loved ones. I work with people who have experienced burnout, depression, all kinds of phobias, losses, panic attacks, gender identity disorders, etc. The goal of my work is to improve the quality of life of my clients from different social groups, to open access to psychological services to a wide range of people, regardless of their social status, political position, religion and sexual orientation.

I am a psychologist-practitioner, focused both on the process and the result. It is important for me to see positive changes in my client's life.

My task as a professional is to use the time and efforts of clients as efficiently as possible to solve the problems they face. The result, of course, depends on various factors, but many clients notice improvements and get out of the impasse after only a few meetings.

A professional psychologist not only knows the most effective ways to solve problems, but also guarantees confidentiality and impartiality (psychotherapeutic practice is regulated by professional organizations).

The well-being of the client is the main goal of the psychotherapist.

I invite you to visit my website. If my proposed directions of work meet your requests, feel free to write or call me — we will arrange a meeting, in person (Kyiv and Kyiv region) or online. My experience and expertise will provide you with the most effective and sensitive assistance.

As an expert, I cooperate with the following organizations:

UA: Українське радіо — перший канал радіо суспільного мовника НСТУ «Громадське телебачення» — український інтернет-канал, проект, який створили самі журналісти "24 канал" — перший український цілодобовий канал новин  ТК «Київ» — український комунальний телевізійний канал, заснований у 1995 році Прямий канал: Новини України та Світу онлайн 

 «Новое Время» — щотижневий суспільно-політичний часопис «Сегодня» — всеукраїнська щоденна суспільно-політична газета WoMo Мама в деле! Сообщество бизнес-мам Gazeta.ua — українське суспільно-політичне інтернет-видання, засноване у 2006 році Коворкінг Smart cafe Bibliotech Журнал Strategic Business Review — SBR Радіо «М» — незалежна українська радіостанція просвітницько-інформаційного спрямування  

Everett Worthington Templeton World Charity Foundation The Gottman Institute Harvard University Український гуманітарний інститут    

    ChangeUA — портал о жизни в Киеве Yakaboo - найбільший в Україні інтернет-магазин книг, подарунків і дитячих товарів Программы здорового питания в Киеве  

The Placer Superior Court  Кабінет експертів – формація галузевих спеціалістів

Life is never at our disposal. But we are here to take on our lives with energy, not to stay in waiting.

Let's get to know each other better?

An informal greeting is like a glimpse of a stranger. If you like him, you want to keep a trace of him in your memory. If not, you look for another object that you can relate to and perceive as pleasant. The path from the latter to the former lies through an open (or at least ajar) conversation about yourself.


You ended up on my website and opened this page - wonderful! But this does not mean that our acquaintance will be mutual. Still... I'll take the risk to be first to talk.

As you understand, my name is Vyacheslav Khalanskyy. I am 47 years old. Isn't it too formal? No. So be it. I think that we will try to reduce the distance between formality and informality.

So I want to say quickly that I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, author of books, a happy husband and father of two daughters. I will stop again to say something else, more humane.

Did you have the feeling that you seem to be living, but living as if it were not your own life? Everything is mercantile and dry. I'm not talking now about experiencing euphoria like the Dubai fireworks, lasting six minutes and listed in the Guinness Book of Records. This is not what I talk about. I mean that you work, relax, smile, communicate, meet new people — do everything like everyone else, but at the same time you lack understanding of yourself and your actions.

Psychology for me is more than a professional activity. Listening attentively, smiling, meeting and seeing off a client is just one of the components of my profession, which comes from a deep respect for another person. In the 15 years since I decided to devote myself to the study of human behavior, I feel strongly involved in the process of understanding myself. Our Self is like an unfamiliar country. There are a lot of things that pinch the nerves — we call this new, interesting. Therefore, I treat my profession as an exciting adventure, although sometimes it looks like a thriller or a detective story. And at the same time, I understand that this is my life, my choice, my thriller or detective story.

In addition to professional activities, I am passionate about various interesting projects like a child. Some of them are related to science, others (I'll tell you a secret — this is my new hobby) — to writing. And absolutely confidentially — I love puzzles like IQ-TWIST.

For a long time I worked in different organizations. But I came to the conclusion that the independent implementation of a creative idea gives me more energy and inspiration. Now every day of my life is filled with interesting events, like an artist's palette is full of various paints: meetings with clients, correspondence with colleagues from different countries, reading new books, attending conferences, toing to business trips, setting tasks and solving them ... I have a strong feeling that (stop! Why am I talking about feelings? This is my profession!) life belongs to me, this life is mine, I write a script that interests me. What am I talking about? That’s it! Here I am talking about a state that I call living a coherent life, living in harmony with yourself. I'm sure you know what I mean.

This is exactly what I do in my office: together with the client, we learn to come to a coherent life. We learn to stand on the ground of our Self. As a reward, the client receives a feeling (do not confuse it with an emotion!): “That’s it, this is my life and I want to live it exactly as it is now ...” This is not an easy, but incredibly delightful process!

Perhaps this is enough for the start. Now the next step is yours! I am waiting for you for counseling, therapy, career guidance for teenagers and adults, overcoming stress... For a mutual meeting — if you understand how important it is to come to your own harmonious and happy life.

Thank you for making it to the end of my message.

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