Psychotherapy is not a replacement for life, but its dress rehearsal

Irvin Yalom


Initial consultation

I offer a free 15-minute consultation so that you can make an informed decision about working with a psychotherapist. If we are suitable for each other, we will schedule the first session.

Make an appointment for a consultation: +38 095 420 15 34, skype: khalanskyy, e-mail: [email protected]


The first session

After the consultation, I ask my clients to fill out two forms. This is protected information that remains only with me. This will give me a more holistic understanding of your situation and make the therapy better. You can do it in a convenient way for you:

During the first meetings, we can openly discuss expectations and adjust wishes. If you decide to undergo therapy, we will sign a contract (or verbally discuss the terms of employment) for a minimum number of appointments, to be exact — 8. The maximum — 25 or more. The frequency of visits is also stipulated in the contract or verbally. Experience suggests that attending consultations more than two weeks apart will not be effective.

Clients often feel much better after just a few consultations. However, improving well-being is not the most important criterion. Much more important is the awareness of the essence of the problem, its existence; how you will treat yourself after the end of working with a psychologist, what attitudes you will choose in relation to others.

  •      If the session is canceled 24 hours before its start, the client must pay the cost of the consultation.
  •      Additional time is paid upon agreement with clients.


The cost of the consultation

Individual consultation UAH 3,000 for clients from Ukraine
$100 for US customers
€100 for clients from Europe
Individual consultation at home UAH 4,500 (Kyiv and region)
Family psychotherapy UAH 3,000 for a 60-minute consultation, with proportional payment for each subsequent half hour
Vocational guidance for teenagers and adults UAH 2,500 for testing and an hour and a half consultation

Vocational guidance for adults

UAH 2,500 for testing and one and a half hour consultation
Conducting training for a company UAH 3,000 per person for three hours of work with a group of up to 10 people


Importantly! The field of psychotherapy and psychological counseling is closely related to clinical psychology, so if necessary, I can recommend psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. Most often, treatment takes place in a working alliance: psychiatrist—psychotherapist—client. The effectiveness of my experience has been confirmed in practice.